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Padmaja Chemicals

     We Provide large varieties of chemicals on Request with High Purity. Check our list to place Order. We are privately held company that manufactures and markets specialty chemicals of high purity. Our clients include Academic, Industrial and Government Research and Development Laboratories as well as commercial scale businesses in the pharmaceutical, microelectronic and chemical / petrochemical industries. 


               Anti seize lubricants

   Construction Chemicals -waterproofing chemicals,
                                    curing agent
                                    polycarboxylate superplasticizer 
                                    concrete tile hardener

          Thermal conductive grease

            Benzalkonium bromide 70%
          synonyms- benzyl lauryldimethylammonium  bromide
          Mecetronium ethyl sulfate

Our Core Products

Dimercaprol - British anti-Lewisite BAL


DiThiooxamide (99%)


2 - Methoxyethyl Acetoacetate 



Sodium Permanganate (40%)



Ammonium Ceric Sulfate (99%) 




Ceric Sulfate (99%) 



POPOP  1, 4-BIS- (5-Phenyl oxazolyl-2)- Benzene