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  • RO Antiscalant Chemical – Low pH

    RO 123 is low ph Ro antiscalant. It increases water purity, Increases membrane life, pump life. Provides long trouble-free operation of RO plant Removes Calcium, Magnesium, strontium scales.


    • Low pH High Capacity
    • Increase Water Purity
    • Increase Membrane Life
    • Increase Pump Life
    • Dosing 1-5 ppm | Control Dosing by TDS
    • Compatible with all of the leading RO membranes
    • Decreases frequent shutdowns, periodical cleaning and servicing of the system
    • Reduces extra energy, manpower, expenses and forcefully untimely-allotted time
    • Maintains cleaner membrane surfaces by dispersing particulate foulant
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