Concrete Curing Agent

Concrete Curing compound is the wax suspension liquid which is used to cure the solid surface. We provide the brush and spray for curing your concrete in perfect one. Using this liquid you can apparent or cure the dust division in your concrete.

• Reduces water evaporation to less than relevant ASTM standards
• Eliminates water curing
• Reduces hence cracking of concrete
• Reduces Concrete temperature due to reflection 


The curing compound provided by us finds application in the following areas :
• Construction of canal lining, roads, bridges, piers
• Used in areas which are difficult to cure like vertical or sloping surfaces

The compound should be applied by spraying it on fresh concrete / plaster before final setting i.e. just after the surface water evaporates. It provides with coverage of 3.50 sq. meters per liter for vertical areas and 4 sq. meters per liter for horizontal areas.


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